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PC Maintenance Hints & Tips:


After continual use of your computer, without PC maintenance you will most likely run into problems such as computer slow downs, freezes, and programs that can take forever to load up. Here are a few things that can be done to help keep your PC in good working order.


Over time, as programs read from and write to your hard disk, information that is stored on the disk can become fragmented. Fragmentation occurs when a file is broken into fragments that are stored in different locations on the disk. Fragmentation does not affect the validity of the information, (the files are still complete when opened); but it takes much longer to read and write unfragmented files. Disk Defragmenter takes these fragmented sectors and puts them back together as best as it can, to make the process faster and more efficient.

Scan Disk

Your Hard Disk Drive is used a lot during your computer sessions, a lot of use can result in physical damage, as well as other damage such as file fragments becoming lost, unknown, or unreadable. Run Scan Disk to check for any disk drive errors.

Disk Cleanup

It's important to keep as much free disk space as possible, a full hard disk will run slow, and it will take longer to do the above processes as there are more files to scan. To save on disk space, clearing out your temporary internet files can help considerably.


Always keep your anti-virus/malware programs up to date with the latest definitions files; and also keep your operating system up-to-date with the latest Microsoft Windows security updates.


Backing up your personal data files is important, so that you will always be able to restore them should you have a disk drive failure. Backup your data to an external drive, CD or DVD, on a regular basis for peace of mind should any problems occur.










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